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Some of the genre’s best and brightest come together to talk about why they made the transition from rap magazines to TV and movies—and how

It’s easy enough to pinpoint the birth of hip-hop: August 11, 1973, when Kool Herc threw that pivotal back-to-school party for his sister at 1520 Sedgwick Ave. in the Bronx. Doing the same for dedicated hip-hop journalism, though, proves tougher. What we do know is that college student David Mays…

Dear Level

It’s only one of the biggest moments of your life. No pressure!

Illustration: Olivia Fields

I didn’t enter 2020 anticipating marriage. And yet here we are. Over the holidays, in a tiny period of respite between election shenanigans and a terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol, I tied the knot with my betrothed. (Yes, something good happened during 2020!) Now I go around saying “Ize

John David Washington and Zendaya reflect on the do’s and absolute don’ts of arguing with your lover, both on- and off-screen

Photo: Netflix

The Covid-19 lockdown might have ended some Hollywood productions, but it gave rise to others — and we have Zendaya to thank for one of the first. While so many of us were baking bread and watching comfort-food television, the actress hit up Sam Levinson, the creator of her Emmy-winning…

Dear Level

Whether you’re long-term or still in the honeymoon phase, you might need some tips on how to get in your bag like Santa

Illustration: Olivia Fields

The holiday season has always been a stressful time for gift giving within a relationship. You’re not only celebrating the season; you’re also letting your partner know exactly where y’all stand. Sometimes you’ll get it right — sometimes you won’t.

Once, years ago, I was expecting a present from my…

LEVEL Best Man 2020

Black health care workers watch the pandemic continue to take a disproportionate toll on people who look just like them

The title, “The Medical Maestros on the Covid-19 Frontlines” alongside several profile photos of Black doctors and nurses.

In March, when Dr. Kameno Bell saw a patient come out of an ambulance and into his emergency room, he did a double take because the man looked so much like him. Black man, same build, about the same age as Dr. Bell — and all he could manage to…

Dear Level

Considering staying with an unfaithful partner? It’s time for some reflection.

Illustration: Olivia Fields

So, you know how I always put all my business out there for Dear Level? In nearly a year of writing this column, I’ve shared insight about my sex life, thoughts on sexting, office love affairs, penis size, rules of courtship, and about everything else you can imagine. This time…

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Aliya S. King is an author, freelance writer and editor.

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